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About the College
  • add What is the College of Emergency Dispatch?

    The College of Emergency Dispatch is your online portal to access International Academies of Emergency Dispatch education and training materials, including the CDE Advancement Series™—the longest-running and most comprehensive emergency dispatch continuing education series in the world. The College also offers access to the Journal of Emergency Dispatch continuing education quizzes.

  • add What are the different types of courses available?

    Right now, there are three types of courses available on the College. The CDE Advancement Series takes an in-depth look at specific types of calls, focusing on the correct and effective use of the Medical Priority Dispatch System™, Fire Priority Dispatch System™, and Police Priority Dispatch System™ protocols. These lessons provide a “deep dive” into the use of each Chief Complaint Protocol, preparing EMDs, EFDs, and EPDs for the different kinds of calls they will handle. Most CDE Advancement Series™ lessons offer 2 hours of CDE credit.

    Target Lessons are IAED-approved CDE courses that are not within the scope of the CDE Advancement Series. These lessons do one of two things: some take a broader look at effective dispatch and emergency response practices (such as dispatcher involvement in active shooter incidents or the psychology of fire callers), while others cover focused topics (such as specific elements of CPR) in shorter “bite-sized” chunks. Most Target Lessons offer either 0.5 or 1 hours of CDE credit.

    Finally, Journal Quizzes are the CDE quizzes from the Journal of Emergency Dispatch. These can be completed by reading the Journal article within the lesson and then taking the quiz, or you can read the article in print or on the Journal website, then come to the College to take the quiz. Each completed (and passed) Journal quiz provides one hour of CDE credit.

  • add What is the cost for College courses?

    ALL College of Emergency Dispatch courses are free to all certified emergency dispatchers (EMDs, EFDs, EPDs, and ED-Qs) within an agency that has a Platinum or Gold service plan or a College of Emergency Dispatch subscription. College access INCLUDES reporting the course outcome to the IAED and tracking it for recertification; you do not need to pay extra or submit paper copies to report CDE Advancement Series, Target Lesson, or Journal quiz completion information to the Academy. If your agency does not pay for a subscription or have an included service plan, you can purchase an individual subscription or request an agency quote. Log in and click here to request a College Subscription Quote.

  • add Do I have to be an IAED member to access the College?

    Yes. In order to access courses, you must be a certified member of the IAED. This includes all certified EMDs™, EFDs™, EPDs™, ETCs™, and ECNs™.

  • add How do I access College of Emergency Dispatch courses?

    To access courses, click “login.” On the login screen, enter your Academy username and password — the same username and password you use to access your Member page on the IAED™ website (where you enter your CDE credits for recertification).

    If you do not already have a username and password for the Member page, you can select “Create an Account” from the login page. That will take you to the Member Registration page, where you can select your username and password.

    You will need your member number to create an account. Once you create the account, you can use the same username and password to access the College. Every course on the College falls into the “Academy-approved” group for IAED recertification, meaning that you may use as many College course credit hours as you would like toward your IAED recertification(s).

  • add If I take a course through the College, how do I report my hours for CDE credit?

    One of the great things about the College of Emergency Dispatch is that CDE credit can be automatically reported to the IAED as soon as you pass a course. Just go to your My Profile page, find the course you finished, and hit the Report Hours to IAED button. It’s as easy as that!

    You can also print out a certificate (or save it as a PDF file) or print out a letter of completion, all from your My Profile page. If you have completed and passed the course, you will see three option buttons: Print Certificate, Print Letter, and Report Hours to IAED. You can print as many copies of the letter and certificate as you want; however, you can only report hours to IAED once per lesson.

  • add How do I know what courses I have already completed?

    On your My Profile page, you have both a My Courses tab and a Purchase History tab. If you have purchased courses or quizzes (rather than accessed them via a service plan or subscription), you will see the purchase information in the Purchase History section. Any course you have started will appear in your My Courses section, along with information about the number of associated CDE hours. If you have not completed the course, you can click Continue and go back to where you were in the course. Those that are completed will be marked as completed, and you will be able to report credits to IAED or print a certificate or letter.

  • add I have multiple IAED certifications. How do I know which certs a course applies to?

    All courses are color-coded: medical courses are green; blue are police, and red are fire, while purple (“universal”) courses can be applied to any discipline. However, be aware that Universal courses will report hours to your Member Page as medical by default; you will need to go into your Member Page area to change them, if necessary.

    When you take a course, a notification on the course page will tell you which certification you must have to get credit for the course. You MUST be certified in that discipline to get credit for the course.

    When the course reports hours back to the IAED Member page, it will report the hours in the assigned discipline. This way, you don’t have to manually track all the hours for your various certifications.

  • add I thought this course was part of my subscription. Why am I being asked to pay?

    If you are being asked to pay for courses you believe you should have access to for free, please use the Get Help button to submit a help ticket. We will review your subscription information and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • add A course I saw earlier is no longer visible. What happened?

    We aim to maintain up-to-date instruction for our users. As a result, some courses may be removed when they are outdated or when a new protocol is introduced. In addition, some courses may be seasonal or may only be available for a limited time. We will always try to make it clear which lessons are available on a limited basis and when they will no longer be available.

  • add I am a supervisor. Can I see which lessons my staff members have completed?

    Not yet, but soon! We are working on this functionality and will have it available as soon as possible. We know that this is a feature of interest in most agencies, and we are moving as quickly as we can to get it up and running.

  • add I am experiencing technical glitches. What should I try?
    • Check your Internet connection
    • Try clearing your cache (browser history) and cookies
    • Make sure you’re using a supported and updated browser

    • Supported Browsers:
      • Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Safari
      • Internet Explorer 11
      • Microsoft Edge
        • If you're using an older browser, updating your browser can help solve problems.

  • add I am using a mobile device, and the lesson won’t play. Why not?

    Keep in mind that some lessons are built in Flash, which means that you may need to view them on a computer with Flash capability. These lessons are not likely to play on mobile devices.

    In general, the Target Lessons and Journal quizzes can be viewed on mobile devices, whereas the Advancement Series lessons use Flash technology.

  • add How do I modify my profile?

    Log in to your IAED Member Area page and click on Member Info.

  • add I am having a problem with one of the College’s functions. Whom should I contact?

    Use the Get Help link at the bottom of each of the lesson pages to submit a help ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your issue.

  • add I have an idea for how to make the College better. How do I let you know?

    We are always happy to hear your ideas and comments. We are working constantly to make the College the very best, most accessible, most comprehensive emergency dispatching continuing education site in the world. Please use the Suggestions/Feedback link to offer any suggestions for features you would like to see, courses topics you would be interested in, or upgrades that would make your use of the site easier and more intuitive.